In many solutions for vegetated walls, irrigation management is a very critical theme. With easy vertical green PUZLE, the modular irrigation system with sprinklers modular self-compensating to fall supplies the watertank of the flower-boxes without wetting the wall behind. puzzle-cubo-e-nuvola-irrigazione_02-04-05
puzzle-grafica-sistema-di-irrigazione_02-04-06 puzzle-grafica-sistema-di-irrigazione_02-04-07 With PUZLE trouble-free, you can combine species with very different water consumption.
The water passes to the flower-box below overcharging the watertank, along a simple chain which holds the water flow. puzzle-cubo-e-nuvola-irrigazione_02-04-03 puzzle-cubo-e-nuvola-irrigazione_02-04-02