For the vegetated walls realized by PUZLE, pastic modular flower-boxes are applyed, which are solving in a innovative and functional way the problem of irrigation. puzzle-grafica-sistema-di-irrigazione_02-04-07 The water is passing from one flower-box to the lower one filling-up the waterreserve tank without overcharging the substrate.
puzzle nuvola realizzazione_02-01-05 With the modularity of the vertical green PUZLE it is possible to create irregular articolated forms: full or empty they are valued with hanging or standing plants. puzzle parete verde_02-01-01
The dimension of the flower-boxes (4l of substrat + 1l waterreserve) allows the use of plants with a ready immediate effect without resorting to prevegetation. puzzle vaschette_02-01-02 puzzle parete verde_02-01-04